Hilltop Plantation

You have arrived at Hilltop Plantation, and we are delighted you are here! Choosing a wedding venue can be a daunting task. With so many details it may seem like there is no start, and no end! If we are fortunate enough to have you,  your friends and family here for your big day, we assure you we will do our part to host  your dream wedding. From smart packages, that take some of the burden off of you, to full event planning that allows you to relax completely.

…and this wedding venue has a lot to deliver

  • 1840s Plantation Home
  • 1000 square foot bridal suite
  • Grooms accommodations with private bar
  • Old barn for more intimate gatherings
  • 85 expansive acres including;
    • Lake
    • Creek
    • Miles of fence
    • Horses
    • Hardwood groves
    • Rolling hills and pastures

More to come at Hilltop as well. Elements are being designed and added all the time. If you don’t see exactly what you need, contact us. It may be on the way!